January 27, 2009

Ladies of Softball

Last Thursday I shot some new portraits of the CSUN softball team. I try to only give direction during a shoot when it is absolutely necessary. I think that when a photographer gives too much direction, the photos end up looking a bit contrived. Of course, there are times when a little gentle prodding helps a person loosen up in front of the camera, but my goal is to let their personality come out on its own.

I think you can tell a lot about a team during a shoot. I've been through some shoots where it was obvious that the team members were not really close, but that doesn't appear to be a problem with the softball team. This year's team was fun to photograph -- and I think the photos reflect that. The athletes interacted with each other without much prodding from me. They were a funny bunch, which made my job fun. How many people can say that about their job nowadays?

Here are a few of my favorite shots.

You can see the full shoot here.


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